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Weatherproofing Technologies

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National IPA is pleased to offer the following solutions with Weatherproofing Technologies:
  • • Job Order Contracting (JOC) Services (TX) (Contract #R160407 awarded by Region 4 Education Service Center)

Contract available for use in all U.S. states, excluding Arizona

Contract details available in tabs to the left.

Weatherproofing Technologies Inc. (WTI) an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, offers a comprehensive inventory of roofing and general contracting services to building owners and facility managers.

WTI is one of the largest roofing maintenance service providers in North America with millions of square feet of roofing under contract covering thousands of roofs with service agreements. Our customers receive Peace of Mind knowing that experienced professionals are handling the service needs of their entire building envelope.

Contract: R160407 - Job Order Contracting (Texas)

Nov 1, 2016 to Oct 31, 2018


Dave Naber
National Program Director
Phone: 281-358-4957
Cell: 281-235-8977
Jane Krivos
Director of Cooperative Programs
Phone: 216-766-5632
Cell: 216-496-3096
Tommy Dunnam
Program Administrator
Phone: 409-273-1321

Competitively solicited and publicly awarded by: Region 4 Education Service Center
Contract #R160407 - Job Order Contracting (JOC) Services (TX)
Contract Term: November 01, 2016  through October 31, 2018

*Contract available for use in all U.S. states, excluding Arizona*

Phone Number:
E-Mail Address: