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The Public Group

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National IPA is pleased to offer the following solution with The Public Group:
  • • Online Auction Services (Contract #161468 awarded byCity of Tucson, AZ)

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The Public Surplus online auction system was created with unique capabilities exclusively for public agencies. We are confident that our solution will generate more revenue, increase transparency, and reduce the overhead of your surplus operations. I have listed just a few of the many features that over 4,000 government agencies are taking advantage of today. I look forward to discussing these with your agency.


  • Comply with state, federal, and local regulations: Designed specifically for government agencies you can rest assured that we designed our system to meet and exceed all regulations regarding surplus disposal for your agency.
  • Simplicity: Simple navigation and ease of use, all without sacrificing powerful functionality.
  • Large/Qualified Buyer Database: Increase the number of buyers from your own community and combine them with the largest database of qualified buyers for government agencies.
  • Increase Revenue - typically 30% - 60% more net revenue when compared to live auctions. We consistently out perform our online competitors as well.
  • NO COSTS: Our solution is easy on the budget. There is no cost to your agency when selling on Public SurplusTM. Free registration, free listing and free payment collections. All fees are paid by the buyer in the form of a buyer's premium and the agency will not be charged anything.
  • NO commitment required: With a no cost solution many agencies don’t require a contract and can use us on an at will basis. If a contract is required please ask us about one of our national cooperative contracts.
  • Auction Extensions: Increase revenue and parity with our auction extensions. Everyone has an equal chance to compete while driving up the prices of your auctions.
  • Specific and Customized Reporting: Our reporting solution is second to none. Let us surprise you with just how comprehensive and simple it is to pull auction data.
  • Payment Collections: Let us take away the hassle of collecting payment from buyers.. Buyers can pay via credit card and wire transfers for convenience and security.
  • Control: Live auctions and many online solutions leave government agencies powerless when selling their surplus assets. Public SurplusTM gives you and your agency complete control. Set reserve pricing; retract auctions, and so much more.
  • Transparency: Increased visibility coupled with increased access are a winning combination for government agencies. We know of no other online solution that offers the level of transparency Public SurplusTM does.
  • Customer Service: Unmatched customer service. Your agency will have a dedicated support representative to assist you at anytime during business hours. Whether it be for training or just simple questions on the value of an item you are listing, our support representatives are there to assist your agency. 

Our brief 30-minute online presentation is the best way to show you the power of our online auction system when coupled with software designed specifically for public agencies. These presentations are done daily on Mikogo and we easily work around your busy schedule. Please let me know if you are interested in viewing one of these and I can get you signed up. 

If you are ready to get started selling surplus, click on the link below and fill out the one page registration application. Once you have completed the application, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the registration process and obtain full access to the site.,az/register/agency

Contract: 161468 - Online Auction Services

Aug 8, 2016 to Aug 7, 2021

Zackary Corbett
Product Manager
Phone: 801-932-7000 x053

Don Clayton
Public Surplus Sales
Phone: 801-932-7001 x505

Competitively solicited and publicly awarded by: City of Tucson, AZ
Contract #161468
Contract Term: August 8, 2016  through August 7, 2021


Fully piggybackable contract for any agency that can use National IPA. The fee structure is 7% and the buyer pays this fee. You do not received any sort of fee for using our system and we only collect a fee from the buyer on sold and paid items. There is no minimum fee charged.

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E-Mail Address: