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About Teachscape

At Teachscape, we believe every teacher can be great. Our passion is partnering with educators to develop and deliver online and mobile tools, professional learning resources, talent management solutions, and expert services that result in measurable growth in teacher practice, school leadership, and student achievement.

To support the development of effective teaching practices throughout an educator’s career, Teachscape provides a suite of tools for classroom observation and evaluation, professional learning, and talent management.

Since 1999, Teachscape has collaborated with the best and brightest in the world of education to increase teaching effectiveness and strengthen school leadership. Today, Teachscape serves thousands of teachers across the country, partnering with schools, districts, and state departments of education to help teachers be their best.

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The Teachscape Effectiveness Platform

Developed in partnership with educators and experts, Teachscape's comprehensive system supports the development of instructional practice throughout an educator's career and features:

Teachscape Focus

Teachscape Focus™ system is a suite of offerings designed in partnership with Charlotte Danielson and ETS to prepare observers to complete fair and consistent observations of classroom practice and to prepare teachers to collaborate in discussions around their teaching effectiveness relative to the Framework.

Teachscape Reflect

Teachscape Reflect™ is a complete observation and evaluation management and reporting system that delivers actionable feedback to teachers and streamlines the evaluation process for administrators.

Teachscape Learn

Teachscape Learn™ is a video-rich professional learning system that helps teachers and administrators reflect on practice, collaborate with colleagues, and build relevant skills.

Teachscape Advance

Teachscape Advance™ is a talent management system that helps districts track, manage and advance personnel development through tools for workforce planning, creating career paths, and competency management.




From workshops to job-embedded professional learning to school improvement services, Teachscape's Professional Learning team provides clients with the customized support needed to successfully attain their objectives.

The team is made up of experienced pre-K-12 educators that include:

  • School improvement consultants
  • Content coaches
  • Data specialists
  • Instructional coaches
  • Leadership coaches

Each member of our team has classroom teaching experience, and most have also served as principals, curriculum leaders, professional developers, or senior district administrators. With many years of experience in schools and districts, Teachscape's service providers bring a wealth of knowledge about instructional practices as well as adult learning principles.


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For more information or to request a demo, contact us:

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