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Sport Surface Specialties, LLC

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National IPA is pleased to offer the following solutions with Sport Surface Specialties:
  • • Sport Surfaces, Installation, and Related Material  (Contract #R162204 awarded by Region 4 Education Service Center)

Contract details available in tabs to the left.



Sport Surface Specialties installs premium safety surfaces designed to the specification of each customer. Working together with our clients, we ensure that each project meets the needs of our customer and is compliant with all regulations.

Sport Surface Specialties consistently works with material experts to design and further develop our polymers so that each surface installation is the ultimate in color, durability, and structure.  We install surfaces that last longer through all seasons and harsh climate conditions.

We install a variety of products including a premium poured in place rubber system, a durable rubber mulch surface, a state of the art water park surface, a surface for safer, more durable walking trails, and a cleaner, low maintenance turf system that looks like natural grass. 

Maintenance programs for new and existing surfaces are available.

       - IPEMA Certified

       - ADA Compliant 

       - Use of recycled products

       - ASTM Compliant



Robertson Recreational Surfaces
Cell: 571-237-3034

All Other U.S. States
Sport Surface Specialties

Competitively solicited and publicly awarded by: Region 4 Education Service Center
Contract #R162204
Contract Term: June 01, 2017  through May 31, 2020


 Providing quality safety surfacing products since 1991.

In 2017, Sports Surface Specialties became a PlayCore Company.  PlayCore, a leader in play and recreation equipment and services, is the parent company to more than 20 of the top brands in outdoor recreation.  An added benefit of this partnership, is the makers of Tot Turf Safety Surfacing, Robertson Recreational Surfaces, is an authorized dealer of Sports Surface Specialties product and services.

With over 25 years of experience in recreational surfaces, Robertson has become the largest poured in place provider in the US and an industry leader in playful ground covering.  Our years of experience and know-how enhance our level of service to bring you expert evaluations, compliant installations, preventative and reliable maintenance, in addition to top quality products delivered directly to your location from our centers. Our passion is working with parks, municipalities, schools, and communities to provide safer surfaces for all to enjoy.

Robertson has been an industry driver in the poured in place surfacing industry since 1991. We actively participate in IPEMA meetings to ensure that
your recreational space meets safety and
accessibility standards. Beyond Compliance
means we will take every precaution to
give you the best surfaces for your community.

Robertson provides surfacing solutions for:


Recreational spaces

Community gathering areas

Multi-family housing

Dog parks

Multi-sport athletic grounds


Daycares and educational facilities

Water play areas


Our Priority is Safer Surfaces for All!                                   

Our priority is safer surfaces. We ensure the highest compliance in all our work. In striving to go "Beyond Compliance", we are an active IPEMA member and our play surfaces are IPEMA certified.

Key Organizations                                                                    

Develops technical standards utilized in testing playground equipment. Provides third party Product Certification services for US and Canadian public play equipment and public safety surfacing materials in the US. Government agency charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risks of injury or death associated with the use of consumer products under the agency's jurisdiction. 

Key Standards                                                                          



  • ASTM F-1292: Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation of Surfacing Materials Within the Use Zone of Playground Equipment
  • ASTM F-2075: Standard Specification for Engineered Wood Fiber for Use as a Playground Safety Surface Under and Around Playground Equipment
  • ASTM F2223: Standard Guide for ASTM Standards on Playground Surfacing
  • ASTM F1951: Standard Specification for Determination of Accessibility of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment

Poured In Place Surfacing                                                      




  • Highly accessible allowing for recreation for all abilities.
  • Ideal for colorful, themed graphics for added play value for your space.
  • Long lasting and durable with minimal routine maintenance.



  • System is comprised of layers to meet critical fall height attenuation standards.
  • Attenuating layer is Robertson's own, in-house produced rubber "buffings".
  • Buffings are made of clean, recycled tire rubber and are installed per your equipment's CFH requirements.
  • Should be installed over asphalt, concrete, or compacted sub-base aggregate.
  • Available in a variety of colors and combinations to meet your budget and creative expectations. 


Synthetic Turf                                                                           




  • Low maintenance alternative to real grass.
  • Lush natural look of grass but attenuating for children at play.
  • Drains quickly for dry activity after rainfall.
  • Also great for business parks, hospitality common areas, and general recreation spaces. 



  • Featuring SILVERBACK™ Quiet Strength Backing, specifically manufactured back lining to prevent extensive turf rutting and damage.
  • Cushion layer to be installed to meet equipment's specific CFH requirements.
  • Featuring Robertson buffings for top of the line attenuating properties.
  • Available in varying heights and colors to fulfill specific space needs.
  • Includes acrylic coated sand infill - NO CRUMB RUBBER
  • Upgrade any system with Envirofill™ for added backterial protection. 



Bonded Rubber                                                                        


Dura Turf Bonded by Sport Surface Specialties offers a traditional, natural look to your surface. Dura Turf Bonded uses premium 100% recycled shredded rubber, and offers a variety of color options that gives you the look of shredded natural fiber mulch, without the maintenance of loose mulch. This one layer process that still allows for simple graphic and color combinations making your surface one of a kind, while still meeting or exceeding the industry standards for safety.

  • Dura Turf Bond is a 100% Recycled rubber product.
  • IPEMA Certified
  • Meets all ASTM & ADA surfacing criteria.
  • Qualifies for LEEDS credit.
  • Dura Turf Bonded carries a standard 3 year warranty, and 6 year available.
  • Maintenance programs for new and existing surfaces are available. 

Aquatic Surfacing                                                                   

DuraTurf Splash provides a state of the art, attractive and durable surface for any water play area. The ideal choice for those looking to create inspiring water play areas with striking colors, and creative graphics. This slip resistant surface has been developed to improve the safety of outdoor splash pads. The seamless surface uses a chlorine resistant binder, as well as TPV rubber that has been tested to resist the effects of constant water pressure. This helps to promote longevity of the surface, in the harsh conditions of water play. 

  • DuraTurf Splash is created using the same superior products that are used in our PIP products.
  • DuraTurf Splash uses proven chlorine resistant binder that extends the life and integrity of the water park surface.
  • As with all DuraTurf products it is available in a variety of colors.
  • Maintenance programs for new and existing surfaces are available.



  • Expertly installed poured in place aquatic surface for safer water play areas
  • Mixed on-site and troweled by hand.
  • Made from polyolefin plastic - the same material used to make containers that transport chlorine.
  • UV friendly and heat resistant fading and degradation due to sun exposure.
  • Closed cell plastic granules lock out and help prevent mold and mildew. 

Dura Turf Trail                                                                          


DuraTurf Trail will make all of your walking trails beautiful, safer and more durable. Knee and back impact is greatly reduced and the surface is slip resistant. DuraTurf Trail creates an attractive alternative to traditional trails offering low maintenance, and high durability. No more muddy trails, and eliminates out of control weeds. Debris is more visible helping to eliminate injuries caused by stones, broken glass or other potentially hazardous material left on the trail.


  • DuraTurf Trail is created using the same superior products that are used in our DuraTurf Bonded and DuraTurf PIP products.
  • DuraTurf Trail is ideal for senior centers, hiking and walking trails, sidewalks, as well as golf course walking paths.
  • As with all DuraTurf products, it is available in a variety of colors and thicknesses.
  • Maintenance programs for new and existing surfaces are available. 

Other Solutions                                                                        

Looking for something else? Sports Surface Specialties and Robertson Recreational Surfaces can help you find the perfect solution to meet your budget. Ask us about Rubber Tiles, Engineered Wood Fiber, and Loose Fill Rubber to learn if these solutions meet your needs. 


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