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MeTEOR Education

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National IPA is pleased to offer the following solutions with MeTEOR Education:
  • • Furniture and Installation (Contract #R142203 awarded by Region 4 Education Service Center)
  • • Educational Furniture (Contract #2015000064 awarded by Norfolk Public Schools)

Contract details available in tabs to the left.


About MeTEOR Education

MeTEOR Education is a leading educational services partner working with education professionals to help them create High-impact Learning Experiences™. As one of the largest providers of learning spaces, including furnishings and interior design services, MeTEOR's focus is the integration of best practices for teaching and learning to drive inquiry-based instruction, effective use of modern classrooms, and increased student achievement. 

The learning environment is everywhere within a school. It’s not just a classroom, it’s not just in a desk or even a particular piece of a classroom. It’s also in the commons area, walking down the hall, sitting on the grass at lunch, it’s going outside and doing your project with technology in hand. And so, mobility for the learner, has dramatically changed what the classroom will look like or how it will function in the future. By building flexibility into an interior design and being able to move from different environments and actually configure the learning space in different ways, we find that clients are able to utilize what they have and their limited dollars even better. 

Now, any space in the school can be a learning space, so being able to move from place to place or easily reconfigure the space is a critical component to any school that is serious about making an impact.

​​Contract terms allow PO's to be sent directly to this vendor and must reference the vendor's contract number. For example, "Per Cooperative Contract #R123456".
Contact vendor for pricing.

Contract: 2017000082 (formerly 2015000064) - Educational Furniture

Mar 5, 2015 to Mar 4, 2018

Caroline Smith
Strategic Bid Manager
MeTEOR Education
690 NE 23rd Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32609-6716
Office: (800) 699-7516 ext. 1323
Direct: (352) 416-1323 
Direct Fax: (352) 416-1353
Office Fax: (877) 373-0622




Competitively solicited and publicly awarded by: Region 4 Education Service Center
Contract #R142203
Contract Term: May 1, 2015  through April 30, 2018

Award includes:

    • Education Furniture
    • Expert Consultation
    • Comprehensive Project Management System
    • More 150 Manufacturers
    • Design Services
    • Space Planning



Competitively solicited and publicly awarded by: Norfolk Public Schools
Contract #2017000082
Contract Term: March 5, 2015  through March 4, 2017

    • Additional four years of extensions available through 2020. Currently renewed until March 4, 2018
  • Tier Price ranging from 9.00% to 67.00% off Current Manufacturer Price List Price List Titles. Please contact Contrax to ensure most accurate pricing. (P–card‚ 2.5% fee will be assessed to order).
    • No minimums for *Freight and **Installation:
    • Quote Freight and Installation for orders under $5‚000 (upon request)
    • Percentage listed are for Dock Delivery
    • Inside Delivery LTL additional $30.00 per delivery or Truckload additional $615.00 per truck.
  • No cost to customer for System Design‚ Space Planning and Layout
  • Extended contract pricing to Designer‚ General Contractor or Sub–Contractor for products


*Freight based on Zones and Tiers  

**Installation organized by Vendor and Tier


MeTEOR Education uses design thinking to create modern High-impact Learning Environments™ for transformational learning experiences. We connect best practices for instruction with effective, integrated tools and research-driven environment design and implementation. We bring your local experts together with leading research and design-thinking professionals to create visible change for your learners and your community.

Our complete program includes expert consultation, extreme attention to detail, professional project management, and a full line-up of more than 150 manufacturers that ensure the widest range of possibilities for our clients. We look forward to working with your school district or individual educational facility to provide an environment and execution on your vision. Our complete offerings and services are all available through our contracts in National IPA's portfolio.

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