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Brown & Root Industrial Services, LLC

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National IPA is pleased to offer the following solutions with Brown and Root:
  • • Job Order Contracting/Emergency Preparation (Contract #CP-001-12 awarded by The County of DuPage, IL)
  • • Job Order Contracting (Contract #R130208 awarded by Region 4 Education Service Center)
  • • Job Order Contracting (TX ONLY) (Contract #R160402 awarded by Region 4 Education Service Center)

Contract details available in tabs to the left.



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​​Contract terms allow PO's to be sent directly to this vendor and must reference the vendor's contract number. For example, "Per Cooperative Contract #R123456".
Contact vendor for pricing.

Doug Whitmarsh
Program Manager
Texas Statewide
8121 Broadway Suite 200
Houston, TX 77061-1340
Phone: 713.980.3250
Cell: 713.876.3807
Fax: 713.980.3258
  Craig Broz
Houston (Gulf Coast)
Area Manager
8121 Broadway, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77061-1340
Phone: 713.980.3250
Cell: 832.244.7067
Fax: 713.980.3258
Paul Kunze III
Dallas (North Texas)
Area Manager
1807 Ross Ave Suite 450
Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: 214.659.8410
Cell: 214.693.3344
Fax: 214.752.8366
  Tom Baumgartner
Austin (Central Texas)
Area Manager
505 E. Huntland Dr Suite 100
Austin, TX 78752
Phone: 512.483.9378
Cell: 512.992.8551
Fax: 512.419.1432

Competitively solicited and publicly awarded by: The County of DuPage, IL
Contract #CP-001-12
Contract Term: January 01, 2012  through December 31, 2017


Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a delivery method that helps streamline and expedite the procurement and execution of small to medium renovation/repair construction projects, such as roof repairs, interior and exterior renovations, emergency repairs and medium-sized additions. 

Benefits Include:

  • Single management point for all JOC Work
  • Eliminates the typical 6-month procurement or RFP cycle
  • Reduces or eliminates change orders
  • Complete project coordination = maximizing budgets
  • Local and small business opportunity through multiple qualified, vetted subcontractors, some with SDB and M/WBE designation
  • Pricing based on RS Means Unit Price Book and coefficients customized across the U.S.
  • Disaster & Emergency Response Contractor for both planning and recovery
  • Great for Sustainable or “Green” projects
  • KBR is a 26-year experienced JOC veteran




About KBR


KBR … We Deliver

KBR (Kellogg Brown & Root) was born in 1919 as Brown & Root, serving the construction and infrastructure needs of government entities. A lot has changed since then. The company has grown to an over $7 billion firm serving the global engineering, procurement, construction and service needs of government, commercial, and energy sector clients around the world. Projects range from LNG terminals in Africa, ammonia plants in Asia and island creating in the Middle East. But one thing hasn’t changed. We still have a strong focus on repair and renovation and small construction projects for state and municipal entities like yours.

 KBR is an industry-recognized Job Order Contract (JOC) services provider with over 26 years of experience. Critical to the needs of National IPA Members, our JOC experience includes state, municipal, university, K-12 and other public entities across the country.

 We know local requirements and procedures and have pre-identified subcontractors, including small and MWBE firms, to deliver high-quality results on time and within budget.

 KBR has managed more than 90 JOCs over the past 26 years. On any given day, we manage over 170 task orders and 340 subcontractors. On each of these projects, we annually activate an average of 1,500 subcontractors to provide a wide scope of JOC services like those needed by National IPA members like you.

 We are in-place and are ready to go to work for you TODAY through the National IPA JOC program. No waiting on a contract. No speculations. No mobilization. No learning curve.

 If you need to complete any type of renovation, repair or small construction project, and want to save yourself the time and expense of a protracted solicitation, then call KBR… We Deliver.

Competitively solicited and publicly awarded by: Region 4 Education Service Center
Contract #R130208
Contract Term: June 01, 2013  through May 31, 2018

Competitively solicited and publicly awarded by: Region 4 Education Service Center (TX ONLY)
Contract #R160402
Contract Term: November 01, 2016  through October 31, 2018



​No matter the location or work performed, we aim to build a better future by leaving a positive legacy at each project site around the world.

Each year, KBR participates in some of the world's largest, most complex projects in remote, diverse and challenging environments — from deserts to deepwater fields, Arctic regions to rainforests, and urban areas to nature preserves. With each project, KBR assumes a responsibility for safe and successful completion — while meeting client expectations and benefiting our stakeholders.

Achieving these goals also means reducing our environmental impact, enhancing energy efficiencies, minimizing lost-time incidents and injuries, and hiring and training local labor to create job opportunities and encourage the development of thriving and successful communities. KBR takes pride in working with local, indigenous, and minority- and women-owned vendors and suppliers, in addition to offering the technical assistance and counsel to enable new partners to qualify as suppliers for our company.

We meet — and frequently exceed — all established goals for local and diverse resourcing of labor, suppliers, vendors and materials.

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