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‚ÄčAbout Facilities

The Facility Solutions Team provides contract support for all of your potential facility requirements.

  • Estimations/Audits
  • RFP Writing
  • Sales Management/Training
  • Procurement/Contracts
  • Maintenance & Operations
  • Facility Technology Integration
  • Job Order Contracting (JOC)/Renovations
  • Energy Savings Companies (ESCOs)

Certified Proposal Number Process

This certification system will allow projects to be tracked from beginning to end. This process is simple and fast and has great benefits for both the Member and the Vendor. Vendors, please click on the Certified Proposal Number Seal or button on the right to obtain a tracking number for your proposal.

Member Benefits

  • Compliance/Tracking
  • Accountability
  • Peace of Mind

Member Process     

  • Look for or ask for a Certified Proposal Number on your proposal

Vendor Benefits

  • Compliance/Tracking/Credibility
  • Reporting
  • Focusing sales teams to the TCPN Process

Vendor Process     

  • Click the button on the right to fill out the Certified Proposal Number Process Form

Certified Proposal Number Participating Vendors

For More Information on Facility Solutions Contact

For more information contact Dave Adams at 832.963.5220 or