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The Top Trends in School and Workplace Safety

The Top Trends in School and Workplace Safety

‚ÄčIs Your Facility Taking the Necessary Safety Precautions?

When it comes to spend categories, there is no more critical of an expenditure than safety. Every decision and calculation an organization makes in this realm can literally be a matter of life and death. Before anything else, a business owes its employees, customers and every soul on the premises complete safety and security. To create such an environment, proper measures, procedures and supplies must be in place to minimize and better yet, extinguish any potential risk. No one is more equipped to help you and your facility ensure maximum protection than National IPA and its robust portfolio of word-class safety suppliers.  National IPA provides access to the essential safety supplies your business needs to stay ahead of every trend and innovation in the security space.

The Top Trends in School and Workplace Safety

loT and Improved Response Time
In addition to a unified, nationwide public safety connection, IoT is spurring the growth of devices that can help alert first responders of an emergency without human notification. Smart buildings are enabling personnel to hit the ground running as soon as they arrive at the scene. For example, sensors that notify fire departments at certain smoke or heat levels within a building can prevent fires if someone is incapacitated or away from the premises. Wearables are also a great way to alert emergency responders of failing vital signs in real-time to help prioritize and get to the areas in most need first.

Banding Together to Create Partnerships
It is critical for organizations, schools, and communities to take an all-hazards approach to assessing and preparing for threats. Implementing a dedicated platform or channel where people know they can report pertinent information connects dots in a meaningful way to prevent tragedy. Organizations are building partnerships with law enforcement and communities, as well as with security experts to learn best practices based on experiences and threat assessments. This can reveal an obvious problem that needs fixing and uncover other issues through work and communication with stakeholders.

Device and System Innovations
The latest in security supplies is a must for any organization prepping for the unexpected. Innovations and current trends include: reinforced vestibules, sally port or double entry door systems, window glazing to support natural surveillance and create a strong physical barrier, electronic door monitoring, and duress buttons for main offices and administration areas. Perimeter fences are also being installed to deter trespassing and limit access to non-primary entrances, while funneling pedestrian traffic to areas where persons can be observed and screened.  

Continuous Education
Safety should be a constant process and an integral part of managing any facility. Organizations must have clear policies, an understanding of the main stakeholders involved with safety, and strong monitoring mechanisms in place. It is crucial that information is regularly reviewed to improve future arrangements. This enables participants to maximize the benefits of sensible risk-taking while continuing to keep themselves as safe as possible. Health and safety audits are also playing an immense role in empowering people to recognize and manage risk.

The leading workspaces are not only adhering to these trends, but are gearing up for whatever tomorrow brings. National IPA is here to keep you prepared so that your business and its participants stay secure. The future of safety purchasing is now and it has never been more important.


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