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RFP 19-05 Questions & Answers

RFP 19-05 Questions & Answers

1. Can you provide direction as it pertains to the binder assembly for RFPs 19-03 & 19-05?  The RFP binder tabs and contents as described on page 6 (Office) and pages 6&7 (School) appear to have left out the direction for tabs 6 & 7.

This is a typo. Tab 8 will become Tab 6 and Tab 9 will become Tab 7.

2. Is RFP 19-05 supplies only or does it include audiovisual equipment?

RFP 19-05 for Educational School Supplies is for school Supplies, educational supplies, and other applicable products and services.  Audio-visual equipment can be proposed as a value-add item under this contract.

3. Can you please clarify the difference between the Market Basket, the Category Discount and Core List offering?                    a. Can a category discount only be submitted? b. Please explain further the core list offering. c. Do all items need to be submitted on the market basket to be considered?

The Market Basket Survey represents usage on the current contract.  As stated in Appendix E, vendors do not need to respond to every item to be considered for award and may substitute equivalent items.  A core list offering is a list of items on a vendor's core list of products for which a vendor will offer the steepest discounts.  A category discount is a list of categories and their corresponding discounts that the supplier will offer to Region 4 and participating agencies.  Suppliers must submit pricing as defined in sections IV, Evaluation Process and Criteria, and 2a, Products/Pricing, of the RFP.  A category discount cannot be the only submitted pricing structure.

4. Will this RFP include books?

Books can be included as a value-add item.

5. We are a book distributor that procures publications in print such as trade books, textbooks, library books, instructional materials, classroom sets and professional publications. Should we still submit?

Please review the RFP 19-05 solicitation document to determine your ability to respond with an offering. It is the responsibility of the vendor to determine whether or not to submit a response to this RFP.

6. Exhibit A, Section 3.3, Subsection M requests that we provide "Guaranteed Contract Sales." However, per Exhibit A, Section 1.3, no minimum volume is guaranteed. If the RFP does not guarantee sales volume, how are we supposed to provide OMNIA with guaranteed contract sales numbers?

If a supplier can guarantee sales in Years 1 through 3, they will be responsible for any administration fee based on the greater of the actual Contract Sales and the Guaranteed Contract Sales. Suppliers are not required to guarantee sales.

7. The OMNIA Partners Administration Agreement states, in section 10, that "Supplier shall require each Public Agency to register its participation in the OMNIA Partners program." Many of the agencies we work with outside of Region 4 will belong to their own cooperative and we are unable to "force" participation with OMNIA. Would recommending participation with OMNIA to the agencies we work with outside of Region 4 satisfy this requirement for the Term of Agreement?

In order for any agency to be able to use an Omnia Partners National Co-operative contract, they have to register on the National IPA website as a participating agency.