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RFP 18-03 Questions & Answers

RFP 18-03 Questions & Answers

1. Appendix C mentions that “Offerors may submit discounts for various manufacturers.” If we offer a wide range of product lines, does this mean we can submit a list of available product lines along with their respective discounts rather than an itemized price list of every product these manufacturers offer?


2. Appendix C also mentions that warranties are required. Is this a general company warranty (i.e., “We will transfer product warranties to the client and guarantee workmanship for x period of time”)? Or is this a request to attach the warranty policies for every product line we offer?

It can be a manufactures warranty, a sellers warranty or both. Clearly identify the warranty on the products offered.

3. Is there a more detailed list of the categories being considered as part of the scope of this RFP (beyond those found in Appendix B)? If so, where can it be found?

No. Appendix B covers the scope of products for this RFP.

4. Can TCPN provide any guidance as to which categories of goods and/or services, if any, are of the most interest to the “Participating Agencies?” In other words, is preference placed on video conferencing platforms or providers or equipment providers? Or both?

Refer to Section 3. Scope and D. General Terms and Instruction to Offerors.

5. Have any of the “Participating Agencies” directly expressed interest in the goods and services being sought through this RFP (i.e. video conferencing equipment and/or platforms)? If so, who and how has that interest been expressed?

This is a resolicitation for expiring contracts which is an indication that this is a needed product/service area. Also see above answer #2.

6. Is the list of “Participating Agencies” subject to change during the course of the contract?


7. On page 7 of the solicitation, there is a reference to service providers that have the “depth, breadth and quality of resources necessary to complete all phases of this contract.” Can you please clarify what the specific phases of the contract are?

Respondents must be qualified and capable to fulling the requirements outlined in the RFP. See Appendix B – Scope.

8. As it relates to the submission requirements, the vendor must submit a total of six (6) copies of the proposals. Two (2) bound and signed originals, two (2) electronic copies on flash drives and two (2) for the vendor information page (if a contract is awarded). How are the two (2) for the vendor information page to be submitted electronically? By email? On Flash drive? Uploaded to a site?

See General Terms and Conditions Section I. Submission of Response. Two bound proposals and signed original copies, two electronic copies on flash drives and two electronic copies free of proprietary information (if your other versions contain proprietary information) on flash drives.

9. Does TCPN allow joint submissions from partner agencies/providers?

Yes but clearly spell that out within the response. See Article 4. Section 4.9.